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New Years Do
Easy, Chic Holiday Hair Styles You Can Do Yourself
Tips for that Sparkling holiday look


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New Years Do

Its a new year ladies and time to try something new! Try a new frindge around your face as well as adding a slightly lighter color in the fringe.

Easy, Chic Holiday Hair Styles You Can Do Yourself

Textured Pony Tail
Apply a light texture paste to dry hair. Starting from the ends, working product up towards the crown. Then use fingers to rake hair into ponytail.  Secure with a hair tie. Use fingers to gently smooth down any large bumps at the crown and finish with a medium-hold hairspray.
Start by putting clean, dry hair into large Velcro rollers. Set hair dryer on its mildest air setting to gently heat up hair without disturbing the rollers. Let hair cool before removing rollers.

Tips for that Sparkling holiday look

5 Tips for the Inner Holiday Glamm in you
  • Healthy Bronzed Skin It may be cold and snowy out but you’ll look like you just flew in from sunny California. Create the look with a tinted moisturizer or bronzing powder.
  • Sparkling Eyes Forget twinkle toes. Make your eyes the center of attention with a little sparkle. Create the  look with glitter eye shadow and eye liner, optional: apply jeweled false eyelashes.
  • Plain lips become beautiful lips that look moist and dreamy with the right shade and lots of shine.